Asphalt repair

Remove and Replace

One option to repairing existing asphalt is to saw cut the perimeter around the deteriorated asphalt area and remove the existing asphalt. The existing stone base will be graded if necessary and then compacted for density and a proper base for the new asphalt. The perimeter edges of the repair area should have a bond coat applied for proper adhesion to the older surrounding asphalt. Asphalt will then be installed and compacted in the repair area to meet the proper elevations.

Surface Patching

This method of patching is more of a temporary repair and it is less expensive than remove and replace. The area that is going to be repaired will be cleaned of all loose dirt and debris and then a bond coat will be applied over the existing asphalt. Asphalt is installed over the existing surface, feathered out at the edges, and compacted.

With over 30 years of experience, S&J has worked with customers on a wide variety of asphalt removal and replacements projects. Our team can inspect your surface and recommend our most cost-effective solutions for your business.

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